Fallout 3: Xan M3 Armor

Добавляет новую броню Xan M3 Armor.
Лежит в ящике на палубе в Ривет Сити (Rivet City).
Шлем в коплекте.
оригинальное описание
This armor was converted From game Unreal Turnament 3
Armor is a bug is not visible pipboy, so use hot keys
For better working use This MOD
Credits to:
EvilEngine-original author this model
Original Read Me:
This is XAN beta model by EvilEngine:
Special thanks to geodav at the epic forums for figuring out that certain areas of the UVmap are "reserved"
for bodyparts like goggles and helmets. Something epic never told us about....shame Epic ...shame!
Thanks to everyone else testing this guy for sticking in there and being patient while bugs were getting
figured out. Hopefully more modders make some custom textures and other goodies with this model and the
information gained from making it.
Мод скачан с www.fallout3nexus.com

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Fallout 3: Xan M3 Armor
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