Fallout 3: Ядерная зима

Заменяет атмосферу фаллоута на ядерную зиму.
Nuclear Winter - LOD Pack - набор зимних текстур.
This affects almost all landscape textures, adding snow to the ground and changing the imagespace for a more wintery look. It also adds effects from Operation: Anchorage
Should go well with Winterized combat armour.
=== Installation ===
First, you might want to back up your current textures, so make a backup of Fallout 3/Data/Textures/landscape
Then replace that folder with the landscape folder in the download. Enable the .esp in the Fallout Mod Manager, and be sure to have archiveinvalidation toggled.
=== Anchorage Edition ===
This adds snow effects and more from Operation: Anchorage. Contrary to the readme in the download, this file contains all the latest .esp & textures (Operation: Anchorage needed to see the effects)
This file, not the other, is the one I will be updating in the future. Download this one if you have Anchorage.
=== LOD Pack ===
Finally, the far off LOD textures have been "winterized". Not much else to say, except it took most of the day to upload this blasted thing.
alpha - snow textures & imagespaces
Anchorage alpha - adjusted imagespaces, effect replacements
LOD pack - far-off snow textures
Anchorage beta - added normals, adjusted textures & imagespaces
Beta 2 ESP - water colour & final imagespace tweaks

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Fallout 3: Ядерная зима
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