Fallout 3: Female Nude Painspike Armor

Added fix for the weird male textures and silverrs fix for nippleless females to the files, Enjoy and stuff.
I just removed the shoulder and retexed the armor to make it darker, The spikes are missing because uh Ive no idea how to model and erasing the shoulder from the texture and the spikes made them disappear from the rest of the armor, Hence I darkened it to get rid of the polka dot thing it had going on without the spikes and added some half ass scratch marks.. Eh I still think it looks cool so here you go.
Props to silverr for making this to begin with I just didnt like the shoulder. The bug with the male raiders in painspike is still there(colors weird on the armor texture) But its not that annoying.
Make sure you head over and grab his fix so the uhm female raiders arent missing a couple parts and give it a good rating on his page if you like these.
Retexed with Gimp www.gimp.org/
Silverrs Original Readme-
Instructions For Install Female Nude Painspike Armor
Install into your:Bethesda SoftworksFallout 3 Main Folder NOT your Data folder along with the ArchiveInvalidation.txt file that is included. And a special thanks goes out to Bethesda for the use of their textures and give credit where credit is Due Thank You very much. I hope you enjoy it half as much has I did making it

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Fallout 3: Female Nude Painspike Armor
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