Fallout 3: FOOK - FallOut 3 Overhaul Kit v1.6

Глобальный аддон, сборник огромного количества дополнений.
Для установки скачайте три главных архива. Затем установите патч 1,6. Также есть комплект новых текстур (FOOKU).
Полная русификация FOOK - FallOut 3 Overhaul Kit v1.6
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (A) FEATURES ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[+] 120+ NEW(!) Weapons (and many additional ammo types)
[+] 80+ new Apparell items
[+] 40+ Weapon Retextures
[+] 20+ Apparel Retextures
[+] 25+ Clutter Retextures
[+] ALL new items are fully integrated into the game
=> NPCs will make use of the new Weapons
[+] Increased weapon and armor/outfit diversity throughout the game
=> All factions use now a lot more weapons as well as outfits
[+] All vendors offer the new items though most vendors sell only certain items, some are specialiased on assault rifles while others offer rare pistols or other gear
[+] Repair lists were totaly reworked, a lot more cross repair options and the ability to repair your gear with various clutter
[+] Full rebalance of ALL (new and vanilla) weapons based on T3Ts weapon overhaul mod
=> guns are going to hurt a lot more now, the wasteland is going to be a tougher place
[+] Full armor rebalance giving many abilities to all apparell and many other changes to their stats giving all items a real use
[+] Completly reworked the leveled lists for NPC factions resulting in a much better mix of weapon use
[+] Weapon/armor condition of NPCs increases with the PC lvl making the game more challenging at higher lvls
=> you wont met enclave soldiers at lvl 17 that have in average just an armor and weapon condition of 40% (Enclave for example tops now at 95%!)
[+] Weapon and armor condition is now faction specific ie BoS NPCs use feature gear with a better condition than for example mutants
[+] Strength of NPCs has been increased in order to get their level and skills closer to the PC
[+] Items, especially weapons and ammo, are now more expensive, this goes in line with increased ammo spawns (due to stronger enemies your ammo use is gonna be higher than in vanilla)
[+] Big weapon sound overhaul of new and vanilla weapons
[+] A new house item that shreds items into spare parts
[+] Full support for the Enclave Commander Mod by J3X
Fun facts:
- Over 1500 leveled lists are used in order to integrate all the new gear
- Each faction in FOOK uses more weapons (despite having just a certain range of all weapons available) than vanilla had to offer in total
- FOOK includes the work of more than 80 modders !
Подробное описание на английском и скриншоты - www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4448

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Fallout 3: FOOK - FallOut 3 Overhaul Kit v1.6
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