Fallout 3: Colossus Heavy Armor

The armor is basically a lighter than usualy power armor, but somewhat heavier than the stuff Ive done before. Its got comprable stats to normal power armor with a few additions.
The armor can be found on the floor near the loot room in the outcast outpost in OA.
-- Issues --
the helm may have signigicant clipping issues depending on the size of your characters face and hair. Ill attempt to clean this up but t is difficult to cater for all on this.
Once again, im notoriuous for forgetting to pack these mods up correctly first try, so let me know if anythings not working.
Автор: Dae
Мод не русифицирован.
В архиве два вида тока для мужского или женского пола.
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Fallout 3: Colossus Heavy Armor
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