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NHL 13 - хоккейный симулятор от студии EA Canada. В NHL 13 игроки принимают участие в хоккейных чемпионатах. В ходе матча хоккеисты могут вступить в рукопашную схватку: камера переключается на перспективу от первого лица, чтобы спортсмены могли блокировать удары и контратаковать.

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Игра NHL 13 находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Electronic Arts.

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Самое главное: игроки в NHL 13 больше не похожи на персонажей настольного хоккея, а приобрели пластику и возможности реальных людей. Спортсмены в NHL 13 научились не только правильно и натурально скользить по льду, но и новым игровым приемам. Например, впервые в серии игроки теперь могут перемещаться спиной вместе с шайбой, что сильно помогает при позиционных розыгрышах большинства и игре за воротами. Благодаря системе TruePerfomanceSkating катание хоккеистов еще сильнее подчиняется физическим законам: скорость вашего спортсмена теперь зависит от траектории движения, появилась инерция, которая сильно усложняет маневренность хоккеиста на большой скорости.


Such a system changes the way you’ll play NHL 13, but you’ll quickly adapt to this more realistic take. Hockey is a positional game – far more than casual fans understand it to be – and NHL 13 forces your hand by making you play it as such or reaping the consequences of failing to do so.


To address these issues, developer EA Canada spent a lot of the offseason trying to give these wayward AI-controlled teams smarter brains. While bone-headed decisions happen less frequently in NHL 13, they still occur enough to shatter the illusion that you’re competing against the likes of GM whizzes Ken Holland and Ray Shero. Teams let highly touted prospects like Jonathon Huberdeau pass through waivers midseason, trade for a player only to put him on waivers the next day, and favor skating career minor leaguers over giving prospects ice time in the AHL.


With all that said, it can't be denied that NHL 13 is a great hockey game when taken strictly on its own merits. Realism is the cornerstone of just about everything that happens on the ice. Players skate, shoot, slash, and brawl just like they do in the real NHL. Playing positionally sound hockey is a necessity, as is some sort of understanding of the actual game and the ins and outs of the NHL. If you need to Google what a diamond is or have no idea that cycling here does not involve wearing really tight shorts, you might want to do some reading before picking up a gamepad. This looks like an arcade hockey game, but it plays a lot like a simulation when the puck is dropped.


For that reason, NHL 13 is a solid update, particularly for those who buy the series mainly for the already-excellent EA Sports Hockey League, which lets you team with your friends in a tournament setting. Further reinforcing that impression is the new GM Connected, an online dynasty mode in which multiple people can play together on one team, as either a GM, coach, or player. It’s a little simpler than offline dynasty, as it lacks GM goals and the ability to play as minor-league teams, but the very fact that hundreds of people can join one league is impressive.

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