Test Drive Unlimited: Aston Martin DBS Volante

Replaces: Aston Martin DB9 Coupe
Credits: Thanks to TURN10 for the Exterior (which was edited by me to turn the car into a "DBS VOLANTE"), Interior, and Rim models, sound samples from the DBR9 except for ignition; and also thanks for some textures; and thanks to EA Games for some textures too; also thanks to youtube for the ignition sample of the sound.
Converted By: Patch
The DBS Model was Edited by me to turn it into a DBS Volante.
Great Thanks to DJEY for the Modding Tools
And a huge thanks to my personal friend and also member here, Noob_Levler
Feature List:
-Custom Sound made by me (OPTIONAL)
-100% LOD0 Model
-Working Lights
-Good Working Mirrors
-Working Gauges
-Working Doors
-Working Windows
-Working Exhausts
-Different Interior Colours
-Full Glossy Black Option
-Wood and Glossy Black Option
-Wood and Metal Option
-Brown Leather
-Black Leather
-Yellow Leather
-Stitches on Leather
-Light Flares made by me on purpose for DBS (OPTIONAL)
-Accurate Detail
You Will be able to find Camera,IK, and ride height, if necessary, and the RAR password on the instructions file included with the Download ! Oh yea, Backup your original files before installing this mod, just incase the unninstaller does not work

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Test Drive Unlimited: Aston Martin DBS Volante
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Test Drive Unlimited
Дата выхода PC игры: 5 сентября 2006

Test Drive Unlimited - игра жанра Гонки / Racing, Игры 2006 года от разработчика Eden Games.

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