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В Anodyne игроки путешествуют по дикому миру, воссозданному в подсознании человека по имени Young и сражаются с различными противниками.

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XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS

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В целом зачистка многочисленных пещер увлекает, но только благодаря интересным головоломкам, через одного отличным боссам и местами удачным шуткам.


It stays close to its inspirations and risks growing repetitive, but Anodyne’s darkly surreal atmosphere is gripping.


A nice surprise that wants to make the player feel something, no matter what. Except for the platforms, this is a solid proposal RPGs fans should try.


This is a game for those who grew up in Hyrule but spent more time in Lordran in recent years. Some finicky platforming also frustrates, but then Link didn’t get an auto-jump until Ocarina Of Time.


Fans of the old school adventure games should definitely enjoy the combination of exploration and puzzles the game offers and Anodyne is a nice throwback to a type of game that you simply can’t find any more.


Above all, Anodyne never lets you forget that it's a game more concerned with the journey than with the destination, and at 10 bucks, it's a journey worth taking.


Anodyne’s weaknesses would’ve been greatly justified by a solid narrative. Instead, we’re left with a semi-decent dungeon crawler featuring some rather attractive sprite art and great soundtrack.

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