FIFA 11: Didier Drogba face

Лицо Дрогба.
Didier Drogba face,
with more white teeth and new photo-realistic face texture has been released. Face is created by Hrvoje Bajlo using Texture tool (beta) by Jorge (Jor190), and fifaFS by The way of distributing files for FIFA 11 (not importing back to .big, but deleting file from .bh and importing into ‘data’ folders), FFS (Folder File Structure) is made by Arial Santarelli & Hrvoje Bajlo”, vbExclamation, “Didier Drogba Face". To install the face, just click on Install button when Drogba.exe starts

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FIFA 11: Didier Drogba face
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Дата выхода PC игры: 28 сентября 2010

FIFA 11 - игра жанра Спорт игры / Sport, Игры 2010 года от разработчика Electronic Arts.

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