FIFA 14: Revolution Mod 14 V.1.3

Новенький мод для FIFA 14 он внесёт обновление рекламных щитов, бутс, форм для судей и т.д.
-Tournament final kits, ball and adboards.
-Automatic skin tone when using specific kit (for tights and custom under armour sleeves).
-Assign custom assets to FUT team.
-Automatic winter variants for managers and other SLE characters.
-Automatic crowd for teams and leagues.
-Remove seats from stadiums.
-Assign undershorts to players.
-Automatic banners for home/away, tournaments, specific opponents.
-Automatic boots, adboards, balls when using classic kits.
-Automatic boots for teams and tournaments.
-Automatic match specific referee kits.
-Disable automatic boots.
-GK Kit uses same fonts as outfield kit (Can be disabled).
-Scarf textures are randomly selected from the four images in the scarf/flag file.
-All generic boots are replaced by specific boots.
-Assign a specific kit (GK and outfield player) to use for a specific match.
-Assign different textures to static and electronic/scrolling adboards.
-Assign set of GK kits to a team kit for random GK kit selection.
-Assign sleeve length, jersey tuck, jersey fit, sock height and winter accessories to players.
-Assign winter accessories to all referees.
-Automatic Accessories (Includes team winter gloves).
-Automatic Adboards (Includes adboard randomization).
-Automatic Arena Kits.
-Automatic Balls (Inluding winter and snow balls).
-Automatic Benchplayers.
-Automatic Boots (Includes boot randomization).
-Automatic Classic GK Kits.
-Automatic Faces (Includes bump file).
-Automatic GK Gloves.
-Automatic GoalNets.
-Automatic Kit Name Fonts.
-Automatic Kit Numbers Sets.
-Automatic Managers.
-Automatic Mow Patturns.
-Automatic Pitch Colour.
-Automatic Pitch Lines.
-Automatic Scarfs.
-Automatic Skin Tones (Tattoos).
-Automatic Specific GK Kit.
-Automatic Specific GK Kits (for teams with generic GK kits)
-Automatic Stadium (Texture and Models).
-Automatic Stadium Tournament Decorations.
-Automatic Team GK Pants.
-Automatic Tournament Kits.
-Automatic Training Kits.
-Automatic Wear Patturns.
-Change collar, number and name fonts, name layout, jersey fit and colours on kits.
-Enable Winter balls.
-Referee kits assigned to league tournaments will show in friendly matches.
-Remove seats from stadium for teams.
-Set the crowd size for tournaments, teams and matches.
-Set which weather conditions winter options are used.
-Swap a kit type for another.
-Swap player accessories.
-Use graphics assigned to tournaments in friendly matches and all matches.

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FIFA 14: Revolution Mod 14 V.1.3
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Дата выхода PC игры: 26 сентября 2013

FIFA 14 - игра жанра Спорт игры / Sport, Игры 2013 года от разработчика Electronic Arts.

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