Fusion Assault v3.0 Retail

Модификация Fusion Assault v3.0 для коробочной версии Counter-Strike
Fusion Assault v3.0 Features:
Added new guerrilla player model.
Added new helicopter models.
Added new hostage models.
Added new C4 model.
Added new dual elite pistol model.
Added new Mac 10 SMG model.
Added new xm1014 shotgun model.
Added new aug assault rifle model.
Added new M4A1 assault rifle model.
Added new SG550 sniper rifle model.
Added new FN57 pistol model.
Added new P228 pistol model.
Added new G3SG1 sniper rifle model.
Added new USP pistol model.
Added new Smoke/FB grenades.
Fixed hands on all models.
Added new console GFX.
Added new weapon and player sounds.
Re-did weapon HUD sprites.
Added new rifle scope.
Added new explosion effect.
Added new VGUI GFX.
Added realistic weapon names and info.
Added new map cs_greenhouse.
Added new map cs_shogun_final.
Fusion Assault v2.0 Features:
Added new knife replacement.
Added new Mac10 replacement.
Added new Gign, GSG9, SAS and Urban CT Player Models.
Added new Arctic, Guerrilla, Leet and Terror Player Models.
Fixed left model alignment issue with CS 1.4.
Added new P288 Pistol replacement.
Added new VIP Player Model.
Added new Radio Sounds.
Added new Weapon Sounds.
Added new misc Sounds.
Added new Shell Models.
Added new Berretta Elites.
Revamped Console Menu.
Added new VGUI graphics.
Fusion Assault v1.0 Features:
Replaced console menu and splash screen.
Replaced VGUI menu graphics.
Replaced player, radio, weapon, item and all other sounds.
Replaced Gign, Gsg9, SAS and Urban CT player models.
Fixed left model alignment issue with CS 1.4.
Replaced weapons: USP 45 Pistol, Desert Eagle Pistol, H&K G3 Sniper Rifle, FN57 Pistol, P90 Sub Machine Gun, Knife, M3 Shotgun, Scout Sniper Rifle, C4, UMP 45, P228 Pistol, M4A1 Rifle, MAC 10 Sub Machine Gun, MP5 Sub Machine Gun, SIG550 Sniper Rifle, XM1014 Shotgun, AWM Sniper Rifle, M249 Machine Gun, Beretta Elite Pistols, TMP Sub Machine Gun, AK47 Assault Rifle, AUG Assault Rifle, Glock 18 Pistol and SG552 Assault Rifle.
Replaced shells and wine bottle.
Replaced HE/Smoke/FB grenades.
Replaced HUD, Radar, sniper scope, C4 LED and muzzle flash sprites.
Replaced Arctic, Terror, Guerrilla and Leet player models.
Replaced Helicopter model.
Replaced player model Thigh Pack.
Replaced player model Bomb Pack
Replaced C4 explosives.
Replaced hostage models.
Replaced bullet and blood decals.
Replaced P_ and W_ weapon models.

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Fusion Assault v3.0 Retail
Скачать мод Fusion Assault v3.0 Retail

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