Fusion Pack SE

Installation Password: SWAT3041A
This version: Games Fusion’s highly acclaimed Counter-Strike replacement
pack returns with another visually stunning addition to the Fusion Pack series,
Fusion Pack SE. Fusion Pack SE is the second version from Games Fusion to be released,
which fully supports the Steam system. This latest pack from Games Fusion introduces
an exciting array of new features, including an entirely new CT team, new weapon
models, new sounds and additional support for Counter-Strike 1.6. Whilst adding
to the immersive feel that the Fusion Pack consistently introduces into Counter-Strike
the Special Edition manages to add a fresh and exciting new look into this aged
engine based shooter.
Overview: The Fusion Pack is the most downloaded and widely used replacement
pack for Counter-Strike there has ever been. Its popularity and high recommendations
make it the clear choice for users wanting to change their Counter-Strike experience.
Fusion Pack will replace almost every aspect of the Counter-Strike game including
weapon models, player models, sounds, sprites, 2D graphics and more! Additionally
the Fusion Pack will include optional enhancements such as new single player
and multiplayer maps with PODBot support. The full release includes over 126Megs
worth of quality content for Counter-Strike.
Changes and new additions:
• Added new menu graphics.
• Added new menu music.
• Added new Steam skin.
• Re-did VGUI Graphics.
• Added new CT team models.
• Changed faces on CT team models.
• Added new USP45 Pistol.
• Changed hands on USP.
• Skinned and added new Grenades.
• Added new MP5 SMG.
• Skinned new for grip and silencer for MP5.
• Added new AWM Sniper Rifle.
• Added new C4 Model.
• Added new M4A1 Rifle.
• Fixed alignment issues on M4A1.
• Skinned new P_ and W_ shield models.
• Fixed glass transparency on shield models.
• Added new HUD sprites.
• Added new weapon sounds.
• Added new W_ and P_ models.
• Fixed P_galil file consistency error.
• Fixed AUG and SG552 zoom sprite issue.
• Updated weapon names.
• Improved installer features.

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Fusion Pack SE
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Counter-Strike: Source
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Counter-Strike: Source - игра жанра Экшен / Action, Шутеры / Стрелялки, Игры 2004 года от разработчика Valve Software.

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