Battlefield 2 Mercenaries v6.0

Новая версия знаменитого мода к Battlefield 2 включает в себя следующие поправки:
****************Mercenaries 6.0**************
All artillery added to all origional Bf2 maps.
Artillery re-spawn set 3x longer.
All boxed wording fixed.
Artillery (howitzers) ,air control towers,
radar can be destroyed by more types of explosives.
Artillery,air control tower,radar dish have
new destroyed effects
Singleplayer maps fixed from 1.12 patch.
MR-444 pistol usage changed for
Some other small tweeks were done also but cant
think of them all.
Remember you will have some CTD and other odd
things when playing this game,coding and alot
of other stuff is new and getting better every
time you turn around.

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Battlefield 2 Mercenaries v6.0
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