Napoleon: Total War "Napoleon All In One"

Мод является композиционным и состоит из следующих мини-модов и юнит-паков:
More Blood - ToonTotalWar
No tracers - ToonTotalWar
New Screens - USTAS
Musket & Cannon sounds - elements from Radious and Lochkopf
Atmospheric sounds - Lochkopf
PIP screen - Dynamo11
32 Faction unlocker - From Heartbreaker, with some changes
Drum "cadence" mod - Brigadier Graham
Many unlocked units for various factions - Heartbraker
Missing Units mod - husserlTW
Slower Movement - Johan217
Irish Skins - Doombunny
Bavarians Skins - Doombunny
Sweden Retextures - Meneros
French Retextures - Lord Mongsworth
Added 3 Skins Green Jackets, Sharpes Rifles and British Infantry - Toontotalwar/Legofingers
Additional Custom Battle maps (updated) - Baron Von Beer
Scots units - Doombunny
Explosions Mod - Williehuntz
Brig Grahams Artillery mod Version 4
French Italian Campaign textures - Lordmongsworth
Reduced XP mod - Sir Chicken Ceasar
Wellington Portrait Icon and Info Cards (Custom battle and Campaign) - JFC
Napoleons Portrait Icon and Info Cards - EmperorLucky/JFC
Saxony Skins - Doombunny
Muzzle Flashes fixed so that they appear again! - ToonTotalWar/Williehuntz
Great Coats and Bicorn Mod - Marshall Beale
Austrian unit pack - General Cornwallis
British hats mod Version 4 - EmperorBatman999 (without the dragoons and hussar changes)
Austrian hats mod Version 4 - Emperorbatman999
Prussian Skins - Doombunny
Radious Units mod (General Uxbridge, Italian Velite Grenadiers, Italian Guards of Honour) - Radious British Skins - Doombunny
Wurttemberg skins - Doombunny
Denmark skins - Doombunny
King Portrait - JFC
Diverse Artillery Mod 1.4 - Iutland
Batavian unit updates - Gill
Commodore & Admiral texture updates - JFC
Naples Retextures - Doombunny
Kingdom of Italy Retextures - Doombunny
French textures V3 - Lordmongsworth
Modified deployment zones Version 3 - Baron Von Beer
Ultimate Soundmod V2 - Lochkopf
Scarlet Dawn 2: British unit pack - General Cornwallis
Howitzer e Cheval - Klesh
British units in Scarlet Dawn mod - Toontotalwar (darkened Red uniform and Stovepipes added to units for all british line)
Bast portrait 1.1 - Bastienleboss
French Retextures V2 - Lordmongsworth
Horse retexture - Toontotalwar (as gary stated, looked like they had been to a Jimmy Osmond concert!!!)
Diverse Artillery Mod 1.6 - Iutland
Grass Mod - Primergy
2nd Swiss Regiment added - Toontotalwar/Lordmongsworth
Flags mod 2.0 - JFC
Russian Textures corrected (Lordmongsowrth Russian textures removed temporary) - Toontotalwar
British Naval Crew mod - Sir Chicken Caesar Salad
Denmark-Norway mod Version 1.2 - Iutland
Hispania Mod (without Starpos version, to play you will need the Napoleon Total factions Special Edition mod) - Scorpionet
Yeomanry Mod - EmperorBatman999
Fixed CTD problem related to sound - ToonTotalWar/Gary
Faderneslandet Sweden Mod (without Starpos, to play you will need the Napoleon Total factions Special Edition mod) - Prolurker
Latest DLC unit stats changed - ToonTotalWar
Napoleonic Total Music Mod Version 3.0 - Brigadier Graham
Ship hull textures - Sharpe
Russian Vanilla Retextures - ToonTotalWar/Lord Mongsworth
Drum Retexture - gary
Rise of the Black Eagle 2 - General Cornwallis
Naval Supremacy mod 1.1 (without Starpos) – Iutland
Removal of Flags On Reinforcements mod - Josst
Josst grass mod (Peninsular DLC) updated - Josst
4 Added Battle Maps - Bastienleboss
Drum and Bugle mod - Brigadier Graham
Flute sounds back in game!! - Brigadier Graham
Duplicate Ship units removed - Aanker
Texture fixes for various units - ToonTotalWar
Napoleons Waterloo Battle texture fix - ToonTotalwar

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Napoleon: Total War
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Моды Napoleon: Total War

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Napoleon: Total War
Дата выхода PC игры: 23 февраля 2010

Napoleon: Total War - игра жанра Стратегии / Strategy, Игры 2010 года от разработчика Creative Assembly.

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