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Deception IV: Blood Ties - стратегия с ролевыми элементами от студии Tecmo Koei. Игра рассказывает историю ожившего фрагмента демонической души по имени Лаегринна (Laegrinna). Героиня борется с противниками хитро заманивая в заранее приготовленные ловушки (стены с шипами, падающие валуны, Железные девы).

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Игра Deception IV: Blood Ties находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Tecmo Koei.

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Blood Ties has little in the way of setup and nuance. In short, you play the role of Laegrinna, the "daughter" of the devil, whose sole purpose is to collect 12 artifacts and resurrect her father to create hell on Earth.


The original Deception was a game that I never should have liked. Players take up the role of a man who, after his execution, pleads with the devil for another chance at life. He’s granted his wish, but in exchange must rule over a massive, gothic castle, one that he must defend from intruders.


Blood Ties nos cuenta una historia que sucedió hace 3000 años, cuando un poder maléfico conocido como Diablo controlaba el mundo con su tiranía y terror. En un acto de valor, los humanos se unieron contra él y así aparecieron los doce Santos.


Deception titles traditionally put players in control of a scantily clad female lead that protects herself from waves of attackers using a large assortment of booby traps, and Blood Ties follows suit.


Deception IV: Blood Ties no iba a ser menos. Y con tal de dejar bien claro cuál es nuestro papel, basta la declaración de intenciones de nuestra Torquemada de turno y su filiación.


Deception IV is a gloriously silly celebration of the exhibition combo, those impractical yet impressive strings of attacks fighting experts throw together in combo videos paraphrased here with bonkers chain reactions of spikes, boulders, rakes, bombs, blades and banana peels. The emphasis on trial and error won’t be to everyone’s tastes and the camera can still be a pain in the ass (a series staple, as we understand).


o matter which version you choose to go with, the basics are always the same. In order to enjoy Deception IV: Blood Ties you must revel in sadism, black humor, and be one cruel, creative player.


Unlike a lot of games, Deception IV: Blood Ties has you playing the villain, or should we say villains, of the story.


As a first timer to the series, the strategy of placing traps throughout the world intrigued me in the beginning but unfortunately that intrigue faded rather quickly.


Deception IV: Blood Ties is just like that, only instead of the main character being a lucky little albino kid whose parents hate him, you play as Satan’s daughter, a young woman who has a horrible allergy to clothes.


Luring would-be heroes to their doom is never not fun, at least in theory, and Deception IV: Blood Ties has no intention of changing a thing.


It’s not uncommon these days for a game to cast its players in the role of an anti-hero, or even a villain, but few franchises do it with quite the same sadistic aplomb as Tecmo’s Deception series. Beginning life on the PSOne all the way back in 1996, the franchise reaches its fifth iteration, confusingly, with Deception IV: Blood Ties.


Deception IV: Blood Ties is the first entry in Tecmo Koei’s strategy-action series since Trapt came out in 2005. It’s still exclusive to PlayStation — this time on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita (cross-platform and out today, March 25) — and with anime-style visuals, it’s the best-looking title yet. But it doesn’t seem like much has changed: Your goal is still to set the deadliest traps possible.


If you’re after something new to try out on your PS Vita, then Deception 4: Blood Ties will definitely be able to provide that; it’s a cult series that hasn’t really taken off, so for many this will be the first time even seeing the name.

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