Grand Theft Auto 5 "Bennys Motorworks SP 1.3.0"

Автор: Guadmaz
Открывает доступ к мастерской Бенни из Gta Online в содиночной игре
Распаковать все содержимое папки "Бенни" в папку с игрой
Изменения 1.5.0
- 1.5.0
-- Added camerawork for most parts. Please report any issues you encounter with this system.
- 1.4.0
-- Fixed bug preventing Armor tuning from showing up.
-- Added neon kit tuning. (Under Lights)
-- Added license plate colors.
-- Added roof tuning.
-- Added wheel color painting.
-- Added tyre smoke tuning.
-- Added windows tint tuning.
-- Fixed appearing inside the building when UseOldExit & UnloadOnlineMap were active.
-- Widened the detection range for exit.
- 1.3.1
-- Fixed shop entrance right after exit.

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