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Nidhogg - аркадный платформер от студии Messhof. В Nidhogg игроки участвуют в чемпионате по фехтованию. Борясь за первенство в турнирной таблице, спортсмены стараются одолеть своего оппонента используя различные техники фехтования.

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Игра Nidhogg находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Messhof.

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You race off accordingly and learn that your foe respawns further back. Pass him and it transpires that Nidhogg's stages span five rooms, two either side of that central starting point, the winner the player who reaches the far end first.


Nidhogg is a virtual sport. Not an eSport or any of that hullabaloo, but a sport with rules, competitors, and virtual spectators. Each Nidhogg match starts the same way: both competitors enter the arena, armed with fencing swords. The object is to kill your enemy, get “The Arrow,” and proceed past the various screens towards the end.


Not that Nidhogg’s seesawing hyperkinetic fencing matches bear much similarity to those couch classics in style or input methods. This is the multiplayer conceit triple filtered until all that is left is two eye-wateringly neon stick figures holding out two pristine white swords, each fighter with one objective: get to the final screen.


Nidhogg's shimmering reputation is deserved, and there are a couple of ways to explain it.


“What is up with these ugly retro graphics?” If anything of this nature comes out of your mouth after you’ve had a look at Nidhogg’s minimalist visual presentation, you should probably die a hundred deaths... in a game of Nidhogg.


Nidhogg unmistakable to look at. Showers of bright “blood” paint the levels as you move through them stabbing each other, memorialising each momentary struggle; if someone runs into your sword they stay impaled whilst you wiggle the sword up and down, entertainingly prolonging their humiliation and showering the level in red or orange pixels.


Nidhogg — очередное доказательство того, что в видеоиграх идеи зачастую превыше любых технологий. Внешне эта игра ужаснет любого: два пиксельных человечка хаотично скачут на фоне пиксельных же декораций. На самом деле, перед нами один из лучших сетевых экшенов последнего времени.


Your character is then consumed by the eponymous giant Scandinavian dragon serpent. That's Nidhogg, really: quick, unforgiving and totally bizarre. I like it a lot.


Формула Nidhogg звучит просто, но игра не выглядит странным пришельцем эпохи Atari 2600, которого случайно нашли на полке. И дело тут в первую очередь в бесчисленном множестве приемов, порождающих совершенно различные результаты.


Nidhogg is part fighting game, part tug-of-war. Two fighters enter at the center of a 2D side-scrolling arena, armed with only a sword. You can move your sword to one of three different heights (low, medium, and high), and the combat works like fencing: you don't swing; you stab.

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