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Strike Vector - экшен от студии Strike Vector Team. В Strike Vector игроки выполняют боевые задания пилотируя футуристический истребитель. Боевая машина несет на борту различное оружие (ракеты, крупнокалиберные пулеметы и другое), которое пилоты используют для уничтожения вражеских истребителей.

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Игра Strike Vector находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Strike Vector Team.

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Unlike most arena shooters, Strike Vector doesn’t put you in command of a human avatar. Instead, you’ll take command of the titular Vector, a fighter with the unique ability to switch between the jet-esque Vector mode, and the slower, more precise hover mode.


With just nine slides and a free-flight mode to prepare you, Strike Vector’s learning curve isn’t steep so much as abyssal.


Strike Vector is a terrible name. It's an ugly, meaningless pairing of words, vaguely aggressive and speciously technical. What does it tell about the experience in this multiplayer sci-fi dogfighter? Presumably, things will be struck.


It feels more exciting because Strike Vector looks freaking rad. Much like Hawken creators Adhesive Games, Ragequit knows that Unreal Engine 3 is great at rendering a dirty, bleak, war between machines, highlighted with a few neon lights and many explosions.


In practical terms, this allows Strike Vector to smoothly glide between two kinds of gameplay.