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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood - аркадный платформер от студии Press Play. В Max: TheCurseofBrotherhood игроки берут на себя роль мальчика по имени Макс, который отправился в параллельное измерение, чтобы спасти своего младшего брата. Дабы прогрессировать по уровням, игроки должны решать головоломки, основанные на физике и логике, а также избегать конфронтаций с различными противниками.

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood системные требования

Минимальные (Рекомендуемые) системные требования
Система: Windows XP SP3/ Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 8.1
Процессор: Dual-Core 1.6 ghz / AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.0ghz
Оперативная память: 2 Гб
Место на жестком диске: 2.40 Гб
Звуковое устройство: совместимое с DirectX 9.0c
Видеокарта: Intel HD 4000 или лучше

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – необычная игра, сочетающая в себе элементы головоломки с традиционным платформером. Возможно, управление карандашом может вам показаться неудобным, а некоторые игровые моменты слишком раздражающими и сложными, но стоит вам понять базовую механику, как игра расцветет новыми красками, доставив вам истинное наслаждение от захватывающего дух приключения, где умение использовать инструмент подобно игре на арфе души.


Мир фантастики

Красочный платформер с интересной механикой, обязательный к приобретению всем ценителям инди-игр. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood определённо вызывает желание ознакомиться с будущими проектами разработчиков, особенно если они будут избавлены от некоторых огрехов.



Проект Max: The Curse of Brotherhood является отличной иллюстрацией принципа «лучше меньше, да лучше». Авторы наделили героя возможностью самому создавать объекты, необходимые для преодоления преград, а также сделали ряд интересных загадок. Однако семичасовое приключение изобилует неудачными отрезками и периодически напоминает заурядный платформер



With gorgeous visuals, inventive puzzles, and a fresh creative take on the platformer genre, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a welcome addition to the Xbox arsenal.


God is a Geek

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood oozes personality in both its design and gameplay. Sure, the idea of drawing your way out of puzzles is no longer a completely original one, but Max has puzzles that are so cleverly designed and fun to play through, that you forget this fact and focus on the fun you have solving each conundrum.



For a forgiving and approachable puzzle-platformer, Max lands on his feet and brings us a fantastic gaming experience. Even at a price of $15 it is easy to recommend. Great for all ages, the plot is light and the puzzles are fun from an otherwise innocuous re-imagining of a touchscreen game. Well done, Press Play – we want more!



In the end I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised with Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. It’s a game full of wonder and magical moments, that while light on actual narrative, still delivers a world that is hard to forget. The visuals are Pixar-esque charming and the combination of cerebral puzzles with thrilling action offers up a bite-sized experience that is a welcome addition to the Xbox One’s library. If you’re looking for a change a pace, I couldn't think of a more fitting way to finish off this gaming year.


Game Industry News


Edge Magazine UK

For the most part, Curse’s platforming is responsive, although jumping feels floaty. You’re rarely asked to make pinpoint landings, however, so clambering about the place is satisfying enough. You’re aided by the returning magic marker, this time inhabited by the soul of a friendly witch, capable of twisting the environment – at predefined points – to your own ends.


Hardcore Gamer

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood doesn’t break any new ground, and should have had the option of using the Kinect for the drawing mechanic, but still delivers. It has rough edges, but overcomes most of them because the platforming is done well. The controls for it are responsive, as are the drawing controls — they’re just naturally hurt by the lack of touch screen functionality and hampered by time not stopping for most drawing events. Visually, it looks fine, but isn’t the game to showcase the console’s power. The audio is excellent in every way, with a strong voice cast, soundtrack and impressive sound effects rounding it out. If you enjoyed Max’s first adventure and can tolerate some iffy drawing mechanics, The Curse of the Brotherhood is easily worth its asking price.



Max: The Curse of Brotherhood benefits immensely from attractive art design, and that is supplemented by a variety of puzzles that are initially quite satisfying before finally wearing out their welcome near the end. Consider taking the plunge if you're itching to dive into another pretty platformer, but otherwise you're probably better off waiting for a different curse to come along.



A bright platformer is just what we needed on Xbox One and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood’s vibrant setting and terrain-altering puzzles deliver. But the adventure doesn’t quite feel next-gen. With unintuitive controls, puzzle mechanics that’ve been done better elsewhere, and a story with the depth of a coloring book, it’s hard to stay invested in this short adventure.


The Escapist

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has a number of nice ideas that are tarnished somewhat by overzealous exploitation and a lack of variety, as well as a reliance on guesswork half the time. Even so, it's a charming little game, and the standout moments really are very nicely done indeed. It's probably going to benefit most from being released on the Xbox One during the post-launch dry period, and I doubt it'll be remembered much in the years to come. It is, however, a fairly decent little waste of time, and it does look utterly, utterly beautiful.


Game Informer

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