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Peggle 2 - аркада от студии PopCap. В Peggle 2 игроки должны стрелять шариками по разноцветным блокам. Кроме того, в Peggle 2 есть различные персонажи, обладающие своими уникальными способностями.

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Игра Peggle 2 находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия PopCap Games.

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Really, Peggle 2 currently stands as my favorite Xbox One title. Over the past few days, I've met picked a few rounds of my favorite maps and a decent cup of tea as an excellent pick-me-up. Peggle 2 is something rare and special. Yes I had a few tiny gripes, but I had to struggle to come up with just the two.


I’ve already lost a lot of sleep to Peggle 2. Its Siren song of “just one more board” is difficult to ignore even late at night, and during the day anyone who walks by and sees it wants me to pass the controller to take a crack at besting my score. Peggle 2 is one-button joy. You think, you aim, you fire, and you sit back and watch as massive combos and bright popping colors take over. That it’s such a joyful sequel to an all-time classic stretches my grin from ear to ear, just like most of the rest of Peggle 2.


At the time of writing the game’s (apparently quite substantial) multiplayer component isn’t yet online, and the single-player is occasionally prone to the same irritating dashboard crashes as the current version of Battlefield 4. Two instances in five hours isn’t unforgivable, but it’s extremely unwelcome.


Those who loved the original Peggle will easily get their money’s wortht out of its sequel. While it’s basically more of the same with a different twist thanks to the use of different power-up masters than before, it never wears out its welcome. Newcomers to the series should first check out the original or one of its variants — like the free Peggle Extreme on Steam — to make sure the gameplay is for them. No matter the audience, however, Peggle 2 offers up a lot of value in part due to it lacking microtransactions, but mostly because it sticks to a formula that’s very fun and replayable.



Indeed, it's that shameless pursuit of making Peggle 2 as fun and as accessible as humanly possible--no matter how cheesy the cost--that I absolutely adore. It's the very epitome of a pure gaming experience, one that can be as deep or as simple as you want it to be, and one that never loses sight of what makes it so appealing to so many people. Sure, the window dressing here plays its part in the fun as much as the core mechanics of the game do, but that's no bad thing; that all important feeling of accomplishment comes from the slick visual payoffs and charming audio cues as much as is does from skilful shots. Peggle 2's randomness simply isn't an issue once you're locked into the Peggle groove. It's heaps of fun, totally absorbing, and such a wonderful place to be.


Peggle 2 is ultimately the same basic concept as the original set of games, but it's still most definitely worth playing if you're a series fan. PopCap could have done so much more than they did, especially when you consider the generational leap, but the good news is Peggle fans will eat this up and fall in love all over again.


Peggle 2 is still a wonderful game, but to a super-fan there are too many things that feel miscalibrated. In a way, that's more damaging than the suggestion PopCap isn't sure what else to do with Peggle: it suggests PopCap needs to rediscover itself.


Despite that, Peggle 2 remains a foregone conclusion for existing Pegglers and puzzle fans alike, even if it doesn't quite live up to the addiction that destroyed everyone's work ethic back in 2007.


Peggle 2's visual overhaul makes for a cleaner, fancier Peggle experience, but the lack of leaderboards assures your addiction will be relatively short-lived.

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