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Mugen Souls Z - японская ролевая игра от студии Compile Heart. Действие Mugen Souls Z происходит в магическом мире, которому грозит ужасная опасность. Через перспективу от третьего лица игроки путешествуют по миру игры, выполняют различные задания и сражаются с противниками используя физические и магические атаки. Бои протекают в пошаговом режиме.

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Игра Mugen Souls Z находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Compile Heart.

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With adorable characters having wacky adventures in space, Mugen Souls Z's charm and the solid writing kept me motivated to zip through the storyline, and the fights are still a thrill... It's just too bad that the deadly-dull non-combat sections and the ending-ruining bug keep me from recommending the game wholeheartedly.


It’s hard to be mean to Mugen Souls Z, because despite some questionable design (and terrible frame-rate), it tries really hard to be likeable. The story is cute and silly just often enough to justify the bits where it’s rattling on endlessly, the characters get in a few good lines now and then to counterbalance their cookie-cutter personalities, and the battle system is actually decent when you stop focusing on Syrma’s Captivate skill.


Mugen Souls Z fits a little too tightly into its niche. Only those who are part of that very specific demographic will be able to truly enjoy this game. Profile of a Mugen Souls Z fan: you love excessive numerical detail, aren't concerned with exploration, don't mind the lack of a deep or even coherent plot, and you watch so much anime that the creepy sexualization of young girls simply doesn't faze you anymore. If all the stars align, then yes, Mugen Souls Z will provide easily over a hundred hours of comical JRPG goodness. Most of it will be spent on side quests and extras, but that's because you're into that sort of thing.


Mugen Souls Z can certainly be fun to play and delivers some nice humor to gamers who are familiar with Japanese pop culture. As a full package, though, it's a bit shoddy. It has too many systems that aren't compelling or interesting to use, particularly considering the amount of time it takes to get results from them.


Mugen Souls Z looks like it does a lot of things right on paper. A story that isn’t cliche, a battle system with more depth than the typical “each party lines up on opposite sides and waits for everyone’s turn,” and a way to encounter monsters without killing them.


Mugen Souls Z is a bland, generic JRPG. The only thing that makes it stand out from the crowd is the rampant sex that runs through it. Personally I found it distasteful; games are better than this, and Mugen Souls Z is the precise reason why the entire medium gets viewed as juvenile. If you like JRPGs you could probably do worse – nothing about it is broken – but you could also do a hell of a lot better.


Mugen Souls Z relies heavily on underboob, sideboob, and boob windows to get the job done, but this is not the full extent of the overt sexism, fetishism, or hypersexualization.

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