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Kinect Sports Rivals - спортивная игра от студии. В Kinect Sports Rivals игроки участвуют в чемпионате по различным видам спорта, проводимом на тропическом острове. Спортсмены соревнуются в заездах на водных мотоциклах, альпинизме, игре в боулинг, теннис, футбол и других.

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Игра Kinect Sports Rivals находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Rare.

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Kinect Sports Rivals – не та игра, которая сможет продать вам Kinect, но из всего, что я пробовал, она ближе всех к этому подобралась. Разные игры, не считая футбола, увлекательны, а управление лучше, чем я ожидал. И, хоть сложность со временем и растет, я чувствовал, что могу справиться с новыми испытаниями, не борясь при этом с управлением.


Kinect Sports Rivals is a huge improvement of this franchise. The new Kinect sensor is able to perform greatly registering tiny movements, and every match is now a really good experience. If you're looking for a fun party game to play with your friends, this is your best (and only) choice on Xbox One.


The increased emphasis on delivering a high quality game makes Rivals the definitive entry in the series to date, even though it lacks the plethora of modes in the second installment.


Rare reboots the colorful Kinect Sports with Rivals, proposing many game modes and six different sports. The new Kinect is well suited for it but not perfect and the included App KSR HUB is a really good complement for the social aspect of the game.


Kinect Sports Rivals is a good game on the Xbox One but it's not the game that successfully turns Kinect into a true gaming medium.


Kinect Sports Rivals isn’t the Kinect’s killer app, but it comes closer than anything else I’ve played. The various games, aside from soccer, feel great to play and offer more control than I expected. And even though the challenge grows in later levels, I felt like I was able to maneuver through them without fighting the controls.


Kinect Sports Rivals isn’t going to sell anyone on an Xbox One, or even Kinect for that matter, but it is definitely the best use of the device to date. For those looking for a fun way to get active with their new $500 machine, this is the best example of it yet.


It feels like a lot of a sizzle for such a small piece of steak. If this had been packed in with the Xbox One to demonstrate the new Kinect, it would seem like a nice extra. As a standalone game, it's just not compelling.


Kinect Sports Rivals is not the title to showcase the truth potential of next-gen motion gaming. Many of its core activities are dull or trivial, and only the Jet ski has the complexity to convince on the long run.


Kinect Sports Rivals is a well-constructed game with an enjoyable structure and smartly integrated multiplayer. But it's already looking dated as it continues to struggle against the limitations of its chosen interface.


Kinect Sports Rivals feels like it's halfway there. But I spent too much time fighting the game, rather than feeling empowered by it, and the game's inconsistent controls and eye-rolling dialogue kill its momentum.

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