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flower — аркада от независимой студии thatgamecompany. В flower игрокам требуется направлять и собирать лепестки цветов по воздушным туннелям над полянами, городами и пещерами. Цель игры — создание цветущих лугов.

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Игра flower находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия thatgamecompany.

На этой странице Вы найдете - системные требования flower и дата выхода, а также описание, обзоры и полное прохождение игры flower.

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Если вы можете понять очарование бескрайнего травяного поля, ласкового шелеста ветра и прелесть диких цветов, то вы рискуете просто влюбиться во Flower. Стоит игра всего 275 рублей. Занимает на жестком диске около 700 МБ. Небольшие жертвы ради такой красоты.


Неподвижным картинкам не отразить великолепие красок, не передать пьянящее чувство полета, не растопить осколки зимнего льда в сердце. Циник вы или романтик, попробуйте Flower.


Whether you’ve never heard of Flower or you replay it regularly, the PlayStation 4 version is an excellent, unforgettable return to one of PlayStation’s finest games. It’s still profound, and now it looks and feels better than ever. For those who appreciate experimental artistry, Flower’s zen exploration is as good as it gets.


Four years after its initial release Flower didn’t lose one iota of its fascination and still captures you from the very beginning.


Just as you might improperly dismiss Flower as "not a game," you might also improperly dismiss it for its brevity: You could easily finish in an hour, and that hour progresses at a relaxed pace, lulling you into security rather than pumping adrenaline into your nerves. But value is more than a simple price-to-minutes ratio, and I'd sooner revisit Flower's serenity than countless 50-hour grindfests.


Flower is a great attempt to break the habits of the average videogamer. Many interesting ideas and details make this game unique, supported by great graphics and musical score. The result might disorient the gamer in the first steps, but once you got it right, this experience really delivers. The only real drawback in the poor length, but considered the price, there's no reason to miss Flower.


If it is slight, then Flower compensates by being a very rare experience, both in terms of subject matter and the visual splendour with which it has been executed. [Mar 2009, p.94]

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