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Версия Alone in the Dark: Inferno содержит уникальную зрелищную сцену и включает в себя многочисленные улучшения, связанные с управлением, инвентарем и работой камеры.

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Игра Alone in the Dark: Inferno находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Eden Games.

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Обзоры Alone in the Dark: Inferno


Inferno is closer to the Alone in the Dark that should have been. Atari fixed some crucial flaws and improved other aspects, and yet the game still feels slightly rough.


The fixes and changes have dragged Alone In The Dark from being a god-awful game to an okay one. It can’t compete with the likes of Dead Space, but it can cosy up with other mediocrity such as Siren: Blood Curse.


At the very least, you can more clearly see what the overarching vision for Alone in the Dark was while enjoying the game's super cool soundtrack.


Post-"Dead Space," this just doesn't cut the mustard. [Summer 2009, p.72]


Alone in the Dark: Inferno is a cleaner version of the average horror game Alone in the Dark. It's a shame that the faults of the original are still partly in tact. It's more fun to play through, but for the second time the hype isn't justified.


A lesson in good intentions gone awry. Nearly all of its novel ideas misfire. What's so interesting about Inferno is the mentality that a patch was all that was needed to make a better game. The original was defined by a lackluster story, awkward controls, and merely okay gameplay – that's not a formula that needs a few tweaks, it's one that should be scrapped entirely.