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Crazy Taxi - игра о водителе такси, пассажирах, которым надо добраться в самые удаленные точки города за минимальное время, и таймере, который невозможно остановить. Полный хаос на улицах, безумный таксист, с безумной скоростью доставляющий до мест назначения безумных пассажиров - что может быть интересней? Мир скоростных машин, экзотических городов и быстрых денег ждет вас!

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Игра Crazy Taxi находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Hitmaker.

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In spite of dated graphics and other technical whizbangery, Crazy Taxi will remind you why you love driving games - and who started that fire. It's a game that's fun to play in short bursts that will become longer and longer the more of them you devote to it.


In conclusion, Crazy Taxi may not hold the attention of most gamers but for those wishing to walk down memory lane, it's definitely a great investment to play this classic game.


For nostalgic fans who can hang in there--or first-time players--earning "crazzzzy money" still has its mome4nts. [Feb 2011, p.81]


It's Crazy Taxi as you already know it: if you've already played it, there's no reason at all to spend more money for the same deal.


The essence of Crazy Taxi is still here and, at its core, this is still an enjoyable game. It just isn't going to satisfy anyone who cared at all for SEGA's final gaming console.


Crazy Taxi is a nice bit of fun but can't really hold up as a straight port after all these years.

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