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Daytona USA - переиздание аркадных гонок 1993 года, разработанное студией SEGA. В Daytona USA было переработано графическое исполнение, введена система трофеев, а также включена поддержка руля.

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Игра Daytona USA находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия SEGA.

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From the full-screen attract mode to the cars-flipping-everywhere 'Congratulations!' sequence on the Expert track, Daytona USA is a joyous, jubilant celebration of everything that made arcade games so exciting and got us into gaming in the first place. Get it.


Our favourite addition is the brilliantly insane Karaoke mode, which enables you to sing along to instrumental versions of the famous theme music. Less hilariously, but more usefully, there's support for eight players over Xbox Live to replicate the legendary showdowns that occurred at amusement arcades around the world in the mid-'90s.


Daytona USA is a must for all fans of the arcade version, as it perfectly recreates the atmosphere and the desire to beat the records that marked the original as a masterpiece.


Daytona USA is a loyal remake to the mythic arcade game we loved so much in the mid-nineties. It is still as fun as ever, and adds new game modes and online play, but it is still just three tracks, and that might seem limited.


Daytona USA's charm fuels up on nostalgia. From the theme song to the timed checkpoints, each race is built on stealing quarters, virtual or not, and getting you to try again. But eighteen years later, it just doesn't hold the appeal it once did - though the first few laps are a pleasant return to a simpler time.

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