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Fuel Overdose - аркадные гонки от студии I-FRIQIYA. В Fuel Overdose игроки управляют гоночными машинами через изометрическую перспективу; участвуя в гоночных заездах на трассах, проложенных по урбанистическим и пустынным локациям. Во время гоночных заездов, гонщики могут подбирать различные орудия и защитные приспособления, которые затем могут использовать против свои оппонентов.

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Игра Fuel Overdose находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия I-FRIQIYA.

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Fuel Overdose is a clear take on a classic, old-school, top-down racer with weapons games that were much more common in the 90's. Its nostalgic approach is enriched with very neat ideas like the grappling hook or remote mines, but it's also visible in terms of production values. Despite its visual shortcomings, little bugs and imperfections, it's typically the kind of little indy game that could become a dear and memorable experience, if only it didn't lack a local multiplayer, or players in its online multiplayer.


Fuel Overdose is enjoyable in small chunks, but chronic camera issues let it down. The title simply tries to do too much, and it lacks focus as result. With a little more refinement, this could have been an original and compelling release – but in its current guise, it feels like a missed opportunity instead.


And that sums it up. Fuel Overdose is a game full of wrong turns. From art direction to gameplay, lacking story to lacking track design, it’s a game that never really finds its way to anything that even resembles mediocrity.


Gameplay is sandwiched between terrible cut-scenes. [Feb 2013, p.104]


Bottom line, this is just a bad, bad game, and there's no reason whatsoever why you should even consider buying it.

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