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The King of Fighters 13 - это тринадцатая часть KOF'a. Это не новая серия известного файтинга, а улучшенная версия The King Of Fighters 12. На этот раз в игре будет присутствовать сюжет, который завершит историю Ash Crimson. В KOF 13 будут присутствовать все персонажи из двенадцатой части, а также знаменитая Women's Team (Mai Shiranui, King и Yuri Sakazaki). Кроме того, персонажи снова будут делиться на команды, за исключением Ash Crimson.

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Игра The King of Fighters XIII находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия SNK Playmore.

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KoF XIII is probably the best game of 2011 for die-hard fans of traditional 2D fighters. From the incredible graphics, to the deeply detailed and difficult-to-master drive cancel combos, to the invigorating options for rushdown and retreat that come with every KoF title, the game feels like the most traditional, yet most skill-rewarding modern fighter on the market.


Despite its lacking online features and (Russian) roulette connectivity hoopla, KOFXIII is still an excellent game. For OGs desiring an honest, non-n00b friendly fighter, or for new schoolers wanting a unique challenge, don't miss out. It's time to knuckle up.


King of Fighters XIII is definitely an improvement over its predecessor.


This is a great challenging fighting game, but the unforgivable difficulty makes it not the most accessible one. Novice players will find themselves lost at some times, but fans will enjoy this considerable improvement over King of Fighters XII. One question though: what's the use of a story mode when there is no story?


As solid as the combat is, there are numerous contemporaries that offer as much challenge and fun with much more visual flair, and without horrendous loading times.

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