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Joe Danger 2: The Movie - гоночная аркада, разрабатываемая студией Hello Games. Игра является прямым продолжением оригинального Joe Danger, вышедшей в 2010 году. В Joe Danger 2 игроки выступают в роли трюкача по имени Джо. Управляя мотоциклом, унициклом, квадроциклом и другими транспортными средствами герой должен преодолеть полосу препятсвий, избегая различные ловушки, собирая звёзды и аккумулируя очки, выполняя различные трюки.

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Fans won't be astounded by Joe Danger 2, but they will have a polished, enjoyable, different-enough new installment to look forward to playing. You can't ask for much more than that.


Joe Danger 2: The Movie has so much more content than its predecessor it almost doesn't feel like a sequel, and almost all of it is great. With tons of challenges to complete, multiplayer, and community content, you'll have plenty to do even after the credits roll.


Succeeds in retaining the raw fun that made the original game great while amping up the excitement and variety. Casual players will enjoy the action-packed scenes while the hardcore crowd will relish the challenge of gathering all 30 pro-medals and sharing their custom level creations online.


Overall, the game is fun, yes. Very fun, and that's probably the biggest thing to keep in mind about it; if it were 800 MSP, I'd say "jump on it!" without a second thought, but the equivalent of fifteen dollars? That's a lot harder to swallow.


If you loved the original Joe Danger, you'll get more of what you loved here.

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