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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition - спортивная игра, разработанная студией EA Canada, в которой игроки принимают участие в баскетбольном турнире. On Fire Edition несёт в себе несколько кардинальных улучшений по сравнению с оригинальным NBA Jam, которые непосредственным образом влияют на игровой процесс.

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Игра NBA Jam: On Fire Edition находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия EA Games.

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Обзоры NBA Jam: On Fire Edition


That this is the definitive version of NBA Jam is undeniable: it plays better, looks better and lasts better than any of the previous games in the series' history. The fact that it's a mere 1200 Microsoft Points only makes it an even more irresistible proposition.


Playing NBA Jam: On Fire Edition alone isn't that much fun, but invite a couple of friends and this transforms to one of the best party themed sports games ever released.


The rebirth of the NBA Jam series has found his ideal channel of distribution, with a new version which returns to the classic style of the original arcade. It has many changes in comparison with the game of last year, and it drops some of its features, but adds others which compensates for. A very interesting option with a good price.


The 2010 version's numbskull partner A.I., for instance? Fixed. And the even more frustrating opponent A.I. that still makes us angry just thinking about it? Also rectified, although all their old dirty tricks emerge during the masochistic Jambot matches you must complete to earn Platinum medals.


While it could have benefitted from a few new modes, a create-player feature, or mini-games, NBA Jam: On-Fire is still a shoulder-charging steal at $15.

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