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Выясните, какие страшные тайны скрыты в прошлом Кратоса, в двух классических играх серии God of War для PSP, специально переработанных для PlayStation 3. Пройдите игры God of War: Chains of Olympus и «God of War: Призрак Спарты» с графикой в высоком разрешении на PS3. Исследуйте прошлое Кратоса и найдите ответы на многие вопросы. Одержите победу в сражениях с самыми известными героями древнегреческих мифов, ставших еще более реалистичными в 3D-стереорежиме.

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Игра God of War Collection 2 находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Ready at Dawn Studios.

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Independently, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were standout efforts that helped make a name for Ready At Dawn. When you put them together in the Origins Collection, you get two amazing and upgraded adventures in one $40 package that no fan of action games should miss.


Taken together, the games make for a slick, compelling package that offers a much more attractive way to play two important chapters of the God of War series.


It might taste a little of God of War Light for anyone who's already played the proper PlayStation 2 and 3 games in the series, but it still has enough action and adventure that action fans shouldn't miss it, especially at this price.


It's a great remaster of two wonderful Kratos' advetnures, yet sometimes you can feel the gameplay has been designen with a portable device in mind.


Would it have made more sense to truly re-make each episode to have them on par with other PS3 productions? The question remains. That being said, the transition to HD and 3D and the addition of the dodge mechanic on the right analog stick will be enough for the fans, or those who didn't have the opportunity to play the PSP originals. If you're among those who actually did, you can ignore this release. Let's take note, as well, that the technical gap between Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta is pretty obvious, this last one being by far the better port of the two.

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