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MLB 12: The Show - спортивный симулятор, разработанный студией SCEA San Diego. В MLB 12, игроки участвуют в бейсбольном турнире между аутентичными командами. На выбор представлены различные опции, позволяющие настроить силу ударов и подач, а также стратегию поведения спортсменов на поле.

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Игра MLB 12: The Show находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия SCE.

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If you want substantially new play options and features, then MLB 12 may come as a disappointment, particularly if you aren't interested in playing the game online. Yet if you place a higher value on the quality of the on-field action, then MLB 12's attention to detail will enthrall and entertain.


MLB the Show 12 is an excellent game, incrementally better than its predecessor and still miles ahead of its competitor.


MLB 12: The Show continues the legacy of being the best baseball game on the market. The best looking, the best playing, the most realistic, and the most robust. It'd be nice if San Diego Studios could get their presentation up to par with MLB 2K.


MLB 12 is a sign of a franchise growing stale, a formerly pristine playing field in need of re-sodding. As enjoyable as it still is to play, important elements of the experience aren't up to par.


A new and effective pitching system makes MLB 12: The Show a solid baseball experience.

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