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Just Dance 3 – новая часть из серии зажигательных танцевальных игр от студии Ubisoft Paris. В игре более 40 треков различных музыкальных жанров, таких как поп, хип-хоп, рок, R&B, кантри, диско, фанк. Для каждой из консолей, на которых разработана игра, представлена своя уникальная механика геймплея. Just Dance 3 включает в себя некоторые из самых горячих хитов современности, а также классические танцевальные треки, которые понравятся буквально всем.

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Игра Just Dance 3 находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Ubisoft.

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Although Just Dance 3 isn't very original, it can sure be the life of a party. The choreography is excellent and the songs will keep you swinging for hours to come. Just Dance 3 can be a lot of fun with some friends but can quickly become a bore when you're playing on your own.


Just Dance 3 isn't as polished as Dance Central 2 and it doesn't have the heritage and history that comes with Michael Jackson: The Experience, but that doesn't mean it's not just as much fun. It may not be brimming with game modes and it probably won't improve your dancing skills, but Just Dance 3 does guarantee a good time, especially with friends and family.


Just Dance 3 is clearly more geared towards people that have no problem letting go of their inhibitions, don't embarrass easily, and are not shy in the slightest. If you have no problem making a fool of yourself and like to wear funny wigs and clothes at a party, you'll feel right at home dancing to the set list.


What Just Dance 3 gets right is how easy it is to load up, choose a song, and get dancing with multiple players.


A very good and mixed tracklist meets relatively simple and forgiving dance mechanics, where we'll mainly use our upper body. More suited as a party game rather than a real challenge for dance enthusiasts.


On the Xbox 360 though, it's a different landscape, and for now, Harmonix's Dance Central 2 has its flag firmly cemented at the top of Dance Mountain. Wait, wait… I have a better one… In Dancetown, Dance Central 2 is currently the Sheriff and Just Dance 3 is the Deputy. Yeah, that's better… Just Dance 3 does have 2 Unlimited though… and there's No Limit to how nostalgic that song is.


Technically it's nowhere near as good as Dance Central, but for most people this is going to be a lot more fun - despite the fact that it still barely works properly.

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