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Monopoly Streets - игра жанра экономическая стратегия/головоломка от EA Play. Monopoly Streets - это образец популярной настольной игры Монополия, с поправкой на 2010 год. В игре присутствует стильная трехмерная графика, мультиплеер, множество загружаемых дополнений и многое другое.

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Игра Monopoly Streets находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия EA Games.

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Если вы любите Monopoly, но безразличны к интернет-матчам, лучше купите издание 2008 года. Глупо переплачивать втридорога за симпатичные виды виртуальных мегаполисов.


In short, it's Monopoly, only prettier and easier to get out and put away than the board game. Now if you excuse me, I need to roll doubles to try and get out of jail.


Monopoly Streets isn't going to make new fans if you already find the core Monopoly gameplay boring and mundane, but if you're a fan of Monopoly and want a version to play on your home console, whether online or offline, you probably needn't look any further.


The essence of Monopoly on your console, with a bunch of some new features that improve the game playability without much further ado. Buy it if you want to experience the 'original feelings' on your TV screen.


As a computer game, Monopoly can't keep up the pace. Since you don't have actual dices in your hands, you also can't get any feelings out of the game.


Monopoly Streets admirably brings the famed board game to life, but annoying characters and poor pacing keep this outing from rolling doubles.

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