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Пятая игра широко известной серии симуляторов мотокросса — зрелищной и захватывающей спортивной дисциплины. Использование нового физического движка позволило разработчикам достичь максимального реализма и установить новые стандарты в жанре. Игрока ждет ожесточенная борьба и острая конкуренция. Он станет участником грандиозных соревнований по мотокроссу — заездам по пересеченной местности и бездорожью. Его оппонентами будут самые талантливые гонщики, выступающие на машинах от лучших мировых производителей.

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Игра MX vs. ATV Alive находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Rainbow Studios.

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MX vs. ATV Alive has the potential to be a very good racing game, but right now, it's sorely in need of more content.


It's a shame that the career structure isn't better considering I like the new XP format and the fact that your rider unlocks skills as you go. You can select two skills at any one time, and they include helpful boosts like increased clutch effectiveness or faster crash recovery time. THQ is promising additional DLC through its MotoClub Depot, but enough has been taken out of the game in the first place that I don't think you can gain it all back simply by adding some new gear.


The quality and low price and make this game worthy of at least a rental, if not a purchase, but if you're expecting more from your off-road racing title, go with MX vs. ATV Reflex for now and wait to see if there's enough content for this game to warrant a look.


MX vs. ATV Alive isn't a stand out racing title, but for a budget priced game it ended up being a whole lot better than I would have suspected.


Sporting loads of depth at some levels, yet lacking greatly at others, MX vs ATV Alive will likely have a narrow appeal.

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