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Doom 3: BFG Edition - переиздание Doom 3 и его дополнения, - Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil - разрабатываемое студией id Software. Doom 3: BFG Edition включает в себя переработанную систему сохранения данных, улучшенное освещение, поддержку стереоскопического 3D и систему трофеев. Кроме того, BFG Edition представит игрокам набор новых сюжетных уровней - The Lost Mission.

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Игра Doom 3: BFG Edition находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия id Software.

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Обзоры Doom 3: BFG Edition


Doom 3 is a very good game, probably better than you remember. For PS3 owners who've never gotten any of this content, it's a particularly great deal. BFG Edition is a tough sell for the PC crowd.


The new torch surely makes the gameplay more fluid, but the horror component takes a hit from the augmented illumination. Still, this edition is chock-full of content and decently refined. Fans of the series will definitely appreciate it.


Doom 3: BFG Edition is the epitome of an old-school first-person shooter, and while it still holds up quite well compared to today's mastodons the age of eight long years seems to weigh in on the game. The shooting is not as compelling anymore, the scares is often bland and repetitive and overall the changes Id Software has implemented is not all that great.


We have been spoilt in subsequent years, which isn't Doom 3's fault. The unfortunate truth remains that it is more of a chore to revisit than a joy.


It may be dubbed the ultimate collection but even on consoles the BFG Edition is far from ideal. As a PC game its existence is highly questionable; any esoteric changes made on id's part have already been done better by a dedicated modding community.

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