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StarDrone – аркадная инди-стрелялка от студии Beatshapers Limited. Совершенно безумная аркада, которая выглядит как микс космолеталки и пинболла - с физикой и собирательством бонусов. Игра включает в себя более пятидесяти уровней. В StarDrone игроку предстоит управлять летающим дроном, уничтожать врагов, собирать драгоценные камни и различные бонусы, дающие всяческие улучшения.

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Игра StarDrone находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Beatshapers Limited.

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Our compulsion to keep playing "just one more level" meant that our feelings and hands would get hurt along the way, but in the end we liked what we saw.


Stardrone carries on taunting you with its breathless pinball-breakout king of swing madness. It's a complex, abusive relationship, and one you should enter into with your eyes wide open.


While there isn't a whole lot you can do with a control scheme as simple as this, StarDrone manages to add new challenges and interesting twists right up until the very end. Add some trophies to the mix and, despite its flaws, StarDrone is a pretty decent value for eight dollars.


While I found StarDrone to be enjoyable, the novelty wears off pretty fast. Players can fly through a majority of the stages at a quick pace and not find much reason to revisit them again, which could turn a lot of gamers off. If you enjoying challenging yourself to top your personal scores, there is quite a bit of replay value to be found, but I don't think a majority of gamers do or will...


A title that reeks of being over-designed, leaving the player with very little agency over how they want to complete the challenges set out for them. For every level that allows for a smidgen of strategy and exploration, there are several that force players down a single, unchanging path, which is pretty far from fun fun.

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