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The Shoot - игра жанра аркада от Cohort Studios Limited. Игроку предстоит взять в руки оружие из огромного арсенала и начать уничтожать роботов, которые будут попадаться вам на пути. Богатые возможности этой игре дает поддержка нового контроллера движений PS Move и PS Eye.

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Игра The Shoot находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Cohort Studios.

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Обзоры The Shoot


It might be short, but there's some solid fun to be had in this family-friendly Move shooter.


I enjoyed The Shoot's accurate aiming controls and the variety found in each level's special effects and destructible environments. I can even live with having to shoot lame cardboard cutouts instead of real enemies, and the morbidly obese director insulting my performance every five seconds. The fact that you have to post annoyingly high scores just to unlock the next level or play with a friend, however, is unforgivable.


There is a place for games like The Shoot, and it will appeal to a very specific audience of casual players, but for everyone else, it's hardly worth the price of admission.


Buy this, and the only shooting you'll be doing is to yourself: in the foot.