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MLB 2k13 - спортивный симулятор от студии Visual Concepts. В MLB 2k13 игроки принимают участие в бейсбольном турнире.

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Игра MLB 2k13 находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Visual Concepts.

На этой странице Вы найдете - системные требования MLB 2k13 и дата выхода, а также описание, обзоры и полное прохождение игры MLB 2k13.

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The problem is that MLB 2K13 doesn't feel like it was made by people who love baseball. It feels like it was made by a company who used to love baseball and is trying to milk a couple of extra bucks out of fans before Major League Baseball takes their contract away.


From the initial menu screen, it’s clear that little has changed over the course of a year beyond pasting in David Price as the cover star. The interface is essentially identical, the play modes are unchanged in execution, and the on-field action is precisely where it was last season. Even the Achievements are carbon-copied.


It’s sad to watch a once-proud franchise struggle...It is, literally, the same exact game as MLB 2K12 with updated rosters, schedules, and uniforms.


MLB 2K13 is a complete and utter retread with all the appeal of used chewing gum.


The hard truth of the matter is that there is a rival game out there that schools 2K13 on every conceivable level. MLB 2K13, by comparison, is an embarrassing use of the MLB license, feeling more like a half-assed attempt to rake in a few bucks off fans who haven't read reviews than any real attempt to make a fun baseball game.


MLB 2K13 is one of the most embarrassing whiffs I’ve seen. Whether I was playing CPU or human opponents, games frequently hinged on something that shouldn’t have happened on the diamond. Only play it if you have a YouTube account dedicated to archiving video game glitches.


It's as much a shame on 2K Sports for releasing this game as it is for the MLB to carelessly stamp its name on it. Whether it was sheer apathy or contractual licensing obligations that caused MLB 2K13 to exist in this state, it certainly wasn't a love for baseball, sports games, or its fans.

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