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PlayStation Move Ape Escape - игра жанра аркада/детские от компании SCEA. На этот раз используется вид от первого лица, а у игрока есть возможность выбора из нескольких видов оружия и дополнительных приспособлений. В качестве контроллера используется PlayStation Move. Главная задача на каждом из уровней – поймать всех обезьян в сеть. Но это не значит, что придется использовать только сетку. По пути необходимо разбивать завалы, уничтожать различные объекты и подбирать всевозможные бонусы.

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Игра PlayStation Move Ape Escape находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия SCE.

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Обзоры PlayStation Move Ape Escape


An embarrassing, shovelware shooter that feels more like a bargain bin Wii title than a first party affair.


Move Ape Escape keeps the charm but loses the fun from its goofy predecessors.


The original Ape Escape was charming and innovative, but this entry is as basic as motion gaming gets. What really hurts is that there's no reason why Ape Escape couldn't have been the game to take the waggle genre to the next level, if only it had a bit more passion behind it.


A disappointing game, that although succeeds in being a game for all types of public, is too repetitive and has a very limited cooperative gameplay.


Ape Escape Move is actually a mini-game because even for an on-rails shooter this game is short. The gameplay is way too easy, creating a very boring experience. After a few hours you'll toss this out of the window and play one of the better Move games available.


Ape Escape was the first game to require the use of a DualShock controller on the original PlayStation, but this new PS3 episode won't be as important to PlayStation history as his illustrious predecessor was. It's a repetitive rail shooter where you switch from butterfly net to catapult to fan in order to capture monkeys and get as much bananas as possible, but it's mainly aimed at younger kids. With its nice animated sequences and a fair game mechanic, parents can offer it safely, but the lack of a multiplayer mode to share the experience and the overall lack of variety are hard to forgive.

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