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Mugen Souls - японская ролевая игра от студии Compile Heart. Mugen Souls рассказывает историю о том, как гармонию семи миров нарушила Богиня Чоу Чоу (Chou-Chou Infinite), заявив, что они теперь принадлежат ей. В Mugen Souls игроки сражаются с различными противниками и путешествуют по миру. Бои протекают в пошаговом режиме, в котором враги и герои поочерёдно применяют атакующие и защитные способности.

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Игра Mugen Souls находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Compile Heart.

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Можно с легкостью закрыть глаза на технические стороны Mugen Souls, плевать, картинка и fps в этом жанре далеко не на первом месте, но нельзя не обратить внимания на примитивный сюжет с огромным количеством шаблонов. Не знаю, о чем думали сценаристы, но они явно перепутали понятия «пародия» и «шаблонность».


I got every joke in Mugen Souls, I just didn't find any of them terribly funny. Whether your tastes align more with the East or the West, poor game design is still poor game design.


Some ideas here might have worked well if the developers had honed in on a few systems to perfect. Instead, the game throws so many overwhelming systems at you that many get lost in the shuffle. As much as I like to root for the underdog and want to see niche games catapult to new heights, Mugen Souls needs so much refining that I can't cheer it on.


Mugen Souls offers the typical JRPG look with matching music. Nevertheless the graphics aren't overwhelming and although the synchronization is great, even if there is no german version, there are just too much dialogues in the game. The turn-based gameplay provides tactical depth and the innumerable attacks and the Moe-Kill offer more variety during combat.


Quite a fun game, though it is a Japanese RPG so expect seemingly endless screens of dialogue that can (thankfully) be skipped through if you don't mind missing a few jokes. There is also a lot of explaining about exactly what all of the mechanics do from the Explanatory Shampuru.


Mugen Souls is a fun, fast-paced RPG with a goofy sense of humor and a million interlocking gameplay systems, and both makes fun of and feels like a throwback to a more traditional style of RPG. Ignore the character art and dive in - you'll have a great time converting the world to minion-hood.

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