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Battleship - экшен с элементами стратегии, разработанный Double Helix Games. События Battleship разворачиваются параллельно событиям одноимённого фильма. Игроки берут на себя роль Коула Матиса, эксперта-подрывника, который с помощью военного флота, должен отбить вторжение инопланетных интервентов.

На странице Вы можете скачать бесплатно игру Battleship через торрент на PC.

Игра Battleship находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Double Helix Games.

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A title that isn't truly good or bad, with aspects that can be fun at times yet which grow boring over the course of its 4 hour lifespan, and ultimately it falls just short of being anything more than decidedly average.


Battleship the Video Game is just as forgettable as the movie. It's lacking any sort of replay value, outside of hunting down little Battleship pegs or playing through on a harder difficulty – but why punish yourself? The graphics fail to deliver, as does the audio and the set-up.


The core of Battleship is fun and entertaining, and it makes you think that if Double Helix had a full-dev cycle, they could have put together a very memorable experience. As is though, Battleship feels half-finished and rushed out the door without any of the polish we've come to expect from a game with a $60 price tag.


Battleship is just another below-par movie license videogame. It features an extremely short campaign that you can blast through in an evening and no multiplayer or incentives to replay once you've finished the game. It isn't worth the full retail asking price for the sheer fact that none of the gameplay is exciting or good. In short, the game is basic, boring, uninspiring and not entertaining. Battleship should be left to sink in the cluttered first-person shooter market.


It doesn't really work, as the game never finds the right way to balance the two modes of play, but this brief flicker of ambition offers just enough ballast to prevent this otherwise tiresomely unremarkable game from sinking completely.


By no means the worst movie-based video game we've ever played, Battleship: The Game has some nice ideas, but fails to follow through on the concept. The marriage of real-time strategy and first-person action should elevate the title beyond the dreaded movie tie-in, but ends up feeling massively underdeveloped. One for the weekend perhaps, but Battleship: The Game's redeeming qualities are lost among a sea of mediocrity.


Bland presentation and sloppy mechanics sink Battleship more effectively than a torpedo ever could.

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