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Football Manager 2015 — экономическая стратегия от студии Sports Interactive. В Football Manager игроки собирают футбольные команды, организовывают пресс-конференции, обговаривают условия контрактов с различными спортсменами и составляют стратегии поведения футболистов на игровом поле.

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Игра Football Manager 2015 находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Sports Interactive.

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With Football Manager 2015, Sports Interactive brings ahead an evolution started a couple of years ago. The brand new interface gives to the player all the tools that he needs to bring to life a complete managerial experience, while the 3D engine makes use of the motion capture for the first time.


Football Manager 2015 does not have the usual amount of revolutionary new content, but it still is a deep, tremendously enjoyable simulation that keeps the Steam clock running.


Everything that makes the Football Manager series so damned addictive remains completely intact and has been expanded upon in FM2015, but intelligent changes made to navigation and the way data is displayed makes for a much friendlier experience and speeds up seasons considerably.


This year, after a couple of issues that have introduced numerous innovations, Football Manager 2015 plays it safe, proposing a new and enjoyable interface and little else.


Football Manager is about progress, not revolution, which is arguably what its audience wants, and exactly what this year's game provides.


This is still a great soccer simulation, but it clearly needs something new and fresh it wants to keep its audience interested.


A far less ambitious sequel than the last two years and most of the headline changes are negative, especially changing your manager into a role-playing character.


We're left with a game whose main improvements are all disappointments. And yet I'd still I'd put money on me pouring hundreds of hours into it. That's Football Manager. I'm sure that once a few patches have been released and a few things have been tweaked I'll discover that magic again. I just expect it might be a little bit harder to find than last year.

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