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1954 Alcatraz - приключенческая игра от Daedalic Entertainment и Irresponsible Games. Сюжет 1954 Alcatraz рассказывает о Джо, заключенном, отбывающим тюремный срок за вооруженное нападение на инкассаторов. Добыча была спрятана и только Джо знает, где именно, но это не мешает бывшим соучастникам героя и его жене стараться найти украденные деньги самостоятельно.

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Игра 1954 Alcatraz находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Daedalic Entertainment, Irresponsible Games.

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Обзоры 1954 Alcatraz


Whilst 1954 Alcatraz does certain things very well, it too often lets itself down.


The plot and the script are surely interesting, but the adventure is short and the puzzles aren't that interesting.


You'll want to escape from Alcatraz all right, but not in the way that's intended.


A distinctly average point-and-click adventure that doesn't deliver on the potential of its prison-break premise. [May 2014, p.90]


A few great ideas are drowned in a torrent of design flaws and technical problems. I wish there were something interesting to say about this game’s failures, but they just amount to plain, old-fashioned bad craftsmanship.


1954 Alcatraz fails to deliver. There is a lot to like, the narrative and setting are exceptional, but the constant shortcomings of almost every other aspect of the game quickly saps enjoyment and replaces it with frustration and disappointment.


As much as I appreciate that Irresponsible Games an Daedalic are trying to capture the zeitgeist and the social conflicts of an era, I can't help but be utterly frustrated to see all the promise just go to waste on a startlingly conventional cock-and-bull story.

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