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Project Totem — аркадный платформер от независимой студии Press Play. В Project Totem игроки должны управлять одновременно двумя тотемами, которые перемещаются по магическим уровням.

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Игра Kalimba находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Press Play.

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I only wish Kalimba were a bit longer, because its inventive puzzles, charming art style, and tight controls equal a winning combination for this quaint puzzle-platformer.


Kalimba is hard, and it never tries to hide that fact. But I'm thinking that if even someone like me can enjoy the game, then it'll be even more enjoyable if you're made of even sterner (and, admittedly, more patient) stuff.


Kalimba brings something new to puzzle platformer genre and that's something that matters. It's not perfect, but it's colorful, funny, cheap and full of contents.


Kalimba is an enjoyable solo romp, but to get the full experience you're going to need a local co-op partner; trust me, the juice is worth the squeeze if a couch friend is hard to come by.


Save for a few puzzles that lose luster due to unintuitive and touchy physics, I mostly enjoyed testing both my platforming timing and my problem-solving skills with Kalimba's brain-busters.


The beauty of Kalimba is in its high replay value, even more so than the gratification of solving its platforming puzzles.

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