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Foul Play - аркада от студии Mediatonic. Действие Foul Play происходит на сцене театра. История повествует о знаменитом охотнике на демонов, известном как Baron Dashforth. Герой путешествует по миру и сражается с силами тьмы.

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Игра Foul Play находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Mediatonic.

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Обзоры Foul Play


While a little bit simple in terms of art, Foul Play is a polished little Final Fight style title that was really a blast to play.


Foul Play is a fantastic looking, beautifully written brawler with a great gimmick that goes much deeper than simply putting an audience in the foreground and renaming the health meter.


Though Foul Play can become repetitive and the story would have been bettered by voice-acting, its stylized gameplay is entertaining, memorable, and conceptually well-designed for a 1200 MSP title. Its ability to juggle all of its concepts into a cohesive beat-'em-up that lasts at least full weekend is to the credit of the indie developer Mediatonic. I take my hat off, good sir.


Brawlers aren't always known for affecting storytelling and world building, but Foul Play's offbeat approach and goofy characters won me over.


A charming co-op friendly adventure for fans of games like Castle Crashers. Foul Play might not be a master piece, but is still worth your hard-earned money.


Foul Play won't tempt you to heave tomatoes at its cast, but you won't find yourself crying out for an encore, either.


It's hardly foul, but good ideas and charming animations aren't enough to save Foul Play from repetition.


Foul Play is a quite nice beat 'em all with its unique aesthetic, but its gameplay lacks of depth. We would have appreciate more combos, more difficulty and more variety.

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