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Natural Doctrine — японская ролевая игра от студии Kadokawa Shoten. Сюжет Natural Doctrine рассказывает об извечной борьбе человечества с другими расами при помощи магии и оружия. Игроки берут на себя роль Джеффа, который должен отчистить логова гоблинов, чтобы люди получили доступ к важным стратегическим ресурсам. Бои протекают в пошаговом режиме. Характерной особенностью проекта является то, что игроки одновременно управляют большим количеством приспешников, принимая участие в сражениях на больших локациях.

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Игра Natural Doctrine находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Kadokawa Games.

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There’s a thin line between rock-hard gameplay and a broken game and while Natural Doctrine runs up to that line repeatedly it manages to never actually cross it. What it does manage, however, is to be a great example of the genre while also doing very little to bring it into the twenty-first century.


Natural Doctrine’s combat system is ingenious, but it’s obstructed by its complexity, while the remaining aspects of the release just about fulfil their roles to the point of adequacy.


Natural Doctrine isn’t noteworthy outside of it’s combat, if you feel like strategy games have grown stale, Kadokawa Games’ curious take on the genre is an interesting change of pace.


One thing that is certain is that Natural Doctrine us not designed for the casual crowd, and unless you’re prepared to invest time and energy into learning its systems inside out – and then are still prepared to try and try again when you do know what you’re doing – you’d be advised to away from this one.


Natural Doctrine isn't atrocious, but it does have a lot of issues. It's as frequently enjoyable as it is repugnant, an experience that will often blindside you with cheap deaths that reek of artificial difficulty.


Unfortunately, most of Natural Doctrine's greatest challenges to your patience don't arise from a fair and balanced battle system, but from the game's failure to adhere to comprehensible logic.


With annoying characters, a dumb story, and outdated graphics, there’s not much that makes playing Natural Doctrine worth the stress.

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