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Kinectimals - интерактивное развлечение для всей семьи, которое позволит погрузиться в мир виртуальных питомцев. В этой игре можно ухаживать за своим зверьком - играть, кормить, чистить и многое другое. Все эти действия нужно будет выполнять с использованием контроллера Kinect, который воспринимает все движения игрока.

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Игра Kinectimals находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Frontier Developments.

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While those expecting a more traditional gaming experience will be turned off after the novelty wears thin, Kinectimals is perfectly suited for the younger ones in the household, particularly those who can't keep a real pet.


While it's appeal may be limited for the more mature crowd, it's an easy recommendation for anyone who has young-un's running around the house or someone who is looking for more charm than substance.


This is an interesting proposal of direct and simple fun while caring for a virtual kitten, and although it is mainly for children, anyone who tries it will have a good time for sure.


Let's be clear : Kinectimals won't be able to capture an adult's attention for long, but let's not forget that it's not made for them. But it's easy to pick up and follow, beautiful, and unbeatable when it comes to making a child smile : yes, the magic works. There may be some latency, and indeed sometimes Kinect seems to react in an odd fashion, but the overall experience remains solid. Touching, even. Probably the most immersive and moving pet game to date.


Kinectimals certainly isn't for everyone, but it's pretty spot-on for its target audience. The intuitive Kinect controls take the pet sim experience to a new immersion-amping level, the lush jungle visuals are an eye-pleasing treat, and the fun narrative and sandbox-like environments add some welcome depth to the feed-pet-brush-play genre.


With around 20 hours of gameplay, Kinectimals offers plenty to do. You can play with your cub, shop for new items, decorate your house with trinkets found on your adventure, complete challenges, have friends join in to beat your high scores, and more. If you're looking for a rich gameplay experience jam packed with adorable creatures, look no further.


The minigames are shallow and repetitive, but Kinectimals is too lovable to stay mad at for long.


It's a Kinect game that is probably worth picking up if you've got youngsters, but it's not the immersive family experience it should have been.

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