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Hydro Thunder Hurricane - загружаемые аркадные гонки на водных болидах, специально для XBOX Live. Оригинальная физика, трамплины-препятствия-бонусы и очень красивые пейзажи.

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Игра Hydro Thunder Hurricane находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Vector Unit.

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Но даже если тоски по прошлому вы не испытываете и никогда не «болели» игровыми автоматами, остаться равнодушным к головокружительным заездам Hydro Thunder Hurricane чертовски сложно. Единожды потратив 1200 Microsoft Points, ты получаешь собственную аркадную машину, которой не нужно скармливать монетки в обмен на удовольствие. Главный и единственный ее недостаток — удовольствие быстро заканчивается.


Hydro Thunder Hurricane is absolutely what we hoped it would be - a colourful, anarchic arcade racer. Your mileage will vary depending on how gripped you are by score chasing, but the multiplayer should keep you busy - not least because you can bring three split-screen friends online with you. For a measly tenner, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a steal.


With a solid technical background and good multiplayer, Hydro Thunder Hurricane shows the capabilities of the Xbox Live Arcade.


At its core, though, is Hydro Thunder Hurricane's handling model. Swerving between subtlety and throttle every few seconds, it graces tracks that provide both competitive dashes and full-on fairground rides. All this is wrapped up in a perpetually rewarding structure that keeps these precious elements fresh, making up a comeback that holds its first principles close.


1200 Microsoft Points might be seen as a lot by some people, but there's really a lot of content here, all wrapped up in some of the slickest presentation seen in an arcade-style XBLA release.


Hydro Thunder Hurricane is clearly a work of nostalgia, there aren't really any new ideas here, just a fervent desire to return video game racing to a time when speed and fun meant more than complex career modes and customizable liveries.


This is a great, content-rich title that truly puts the "arcade" in Xbox Live Arcade -- there are better retail racers, but Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a dynamite download.

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