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Компания Rage представляет вашему вниманию новый шутер Perfect Dark Zero. Джоанна, сильная и храбрая наемница работающая на секретную организацию, будет путешествовать по самым экзотическим местам, сражаясь с мировым терроризмом и выполняя секретные задания. А огромный выбор оружия поможет Джоане в борьбе.

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Игра Perfect Dark Zero находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Rare.

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Никто не просит Final Fantasy или Deus Ex – качественного атмосферного киберпанк-боевичка с продуманным миром хватило бы. Но увы! И, глядя на Perfect Dark Zero и Kameo: Elements of Power, я вынужден признать – одна из моих любимейших команд разучилась делать игры. Их нынешнее существование оправдывает лишь шикарный римейк Conker, недавно выпущенный для первой Xbox.


From the fantastic gameplay to the gorgeous graphics to the incredible amount of replay value, every gamer should experience this game. It features every multiplayer option you could want, and the feature list reads like a multiplayer gamer's wet dream.


This awesome, high-tech first-person shooter champions the Xbox 360 with its excellent assortment of single- and multiplayer game types, as well as its incredible good looks and dynamic, intense action.


Perfect Dark Zero as a game is a great experience and although the single player storytelling is rather weak and non engaging, the game play of the missions is where the action flows and offers that engagement that we all look for.


The singleplayer campaign lacks polish and as a result, some of the objectives are confusing and ultimately meaningless, and the levels feel disjointed. Where Perfect Dark Zero excels is multiplayer, co-operatively and competitively, with a vast selection of cool weapons, a number of clever game types and a seemlingly endless number of options.


Though there's so much to do in Perfect Dark's single player campaign, it gets tedious after a while. Over Xbox Live, this is a totally different and much better game which forces players to use combinations of the new roll and cover moves to get by.


Given the game’s marketing as one woman’s war against the corporations, the irony of Perfect Dark Zero is that the quality of the game experience it offers degrades in parallel with the number of people playing it. [Jan 2005, p.80]

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